Restaurant tip – eating while watching the sea

Tonight I want to start posting pictures of my exchange time in Japan, which began in summer 2014 and practically never ended since I found my second home in that country and keep coming back for more. The picture I’m sharing with you was taken in a fish restaurant in Kamakura, Inamuragasaki. It’s name is :


or written out in romaji: “Shokaitei”. The special thing about this restaurant is, that you sit on a long table which faces the sea! Okay… between your food and the ocean is a street and a a small fence, but who could be that fussy not to get into a romantic mood when he’s / she’s visiting this place in summer and is able to see surfers ride waves in the horizont while you enjoy a delicious meal?

Ah, forgot about the food? Fair enough, I’ll tell you. There is a fair range of different meals, but as you already kept it in the back of your head as you read the title of this post… the owner concentrate on selling fish dishes. A typical meal is shown in the picture beneath ! It contains Shirasu, a quails egg, vegetables, green tea, a miso soup and fried with a little salt added on the table to dip them into.

ああ. おいしそう- ! まだ たべたいよ!


Shirasu is best described as boiled and dried baby anchovy or sardines. First time I ate them was on top of my daily rice in my exchange schools cafeteria and since then I’m in love with them! They taste a little salty but are worth to check out if you visit Kamakura for sure! Also the restaurant is easily accessibly if you don’t own a car. About 5 minutes from the restaurant is a train station that can be used to ride back! 🙂 please feel free to write questions in the comment sector or tell me if you ever visited a fish restaurant and how it was like! ~




7 thoughts on “Restaurant tip – eating while watching the sea

    1. You can find miso-soup in the black small cup!
      Miso is served with nearly any dish in Japan, it consists of a stock called “dashi” into which softened miso paste is mixed.
      Mostly Wakame, Tofu and Scallion is added to the “Misoshiru” (Miso-soup)


      1. I got it. It’s definitely new information for me. Thanks! Started to get acquainted with Japanese culture=)


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