How to wear – 4 Outfits in Knee high Boots!

Hey, is everything alright with you guys? Today I had my first written exam of my final graduation in school. It was English and took over 4 hours to get it done! I’m unbelievable exhausted – still I can’t go to sleep before providing you with my new photos which were taken yesterday! 🙂 Also, I recently got a Twitter account and tried to keep in touch with you and kept you updated about new posts. And as I already announced I’ve got a new fashion post for you: here we go again!

Thinking of a new fashion post, I wanted to show you my styling ideas for my knee high boots. In winter I didn’t wear these boots too often, simply because the snow would ruin the fabric of the shoe. But as german weathers mood changes quickly again and again, I get the chance to wear them more often. Yesterday was a kind of sunny but still windy day: Perfect time! The 4 different styles I show you today divide into:

Casual, Business, Sweet and Chic

I’m not too sure if I found a perfect outfit for each of these categories, because I searched for different outfits rather than for perfecting these various style directions. As always I hope that you really enjoy my post and get new inspiration! Feel free to comment ~

Starting with a simple casual look:

1 Sajuza Fashion Overknee Boots Casual Cool.jpg

My outfit consists of:

  • Shirt from Tommy Hilfiger
  • High-waisted Jeans from Orsay
  • Fake fur boots found at Deichmann


Next up follows the business suitable look:

Sajuza Fashion Overknee Boots Bright Colour

1 Sajuza Fashion Overknee Boots Business

Here I’m wearing :

  • a tight black pencil-skirt from Vila
  • a high-necked bright yellow shirt from Bershka
  • an old quilted bag from Tally Weijl
  • and some of my favourite jewelry
  • (and of course my Fake fur knee high boots from Deichmann)


Next style is coming up for you:

Chic look:

Sajuza Fashion Overknee Boots Chic 3

Can this be described as chic? Anyways. I love this loose dress. It fits with most things and adds a little playful touch to my boots. Shopping for this dress might get a little difficult because I found it while shopping in Okinawa, Japan!  The brand of this lovely dress is called Xyzzy! And it wasn’t even expensive at all!
Normally I don’t like to tell secret brand tips to anyone randomly since I like to keep my favourites clothes brands a secret but I love sharing my secrets with you ~

Ahh! By the way, did you notice that the boots changed? Got you! 🙂

I bought these wonderful also knee high boots in Harajuku. The brands name is “Atagirl”. Did you know that I’m wearing the size LL? I never thought of my feet as big until I went shopping for shoes in Japan! 😀


Sweet look:

Sajuza Fashion Overknee Boots Skirt and Top 3 IMG_1979

Sajuza Fashion Overknee Boots Skirt and Top IMG_1979

For my last styling direction I chose sweet and actually I enjoyed this look the most – please tell me what you think about it! Would you like to wear something similar?

Here I wore:

  • A skirt from Tally Weijl
  • small waist belt in brown
  • black shirt from Vila
  • and a Michael Kors bag in blue
  • the boots for this look are also from Atagirl



How did you like the different styles? I like to listen to your opinion!

Follow me for at least weekly updates for Fashion, Japan & More ~ ~ ~


Love, Sajuza


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