A japanese take on fashion ! (Outfit post)

!Hurray. Spring has finally arrived in Germany! I’ve been waiting for this weather since official spring begin where it still felt like winter outside. Eventually flowers start blooming and the nature is getting green again.

Did you notice that I always start my posts with talking about the weather? I’m kind of awkward when it comes to smalltalk so let’s skip this nonsense and come to the point of this post: Today I wanted to create a look with some of my japanese clothing, which fits very well to japanese fashion while I was in Tokyo.



Sorry for the visible bra strap – (this is not very japanese behaviour.  orz)


Fooling around as always. – #Stay playful! 😉


“Oh, hi there!”

On this outfit everything exept my grey crop top is bought in Japan at various shopping sprees that I did around Tokyo and Kyoto!

Starting from the bottom of my outfit I chose black plateau-heels from Rosa Rosa in size L, a kind of “underbust dress” from Angelina, which also has a fitting green high-necked shirt for it, but I compared it to a short grey  shirt with words on it from Tally Weijl. The light cardigan was a purchase from Forever21. I know, Forever 21 isn’t a japanese shop or brand but still this kind of cardigans I find everywhere around me when walking through Japan. Often just put around the shoulders and sometimes knotted at the the front many japanese girls carry this cardigan even in summer in case it gets cold.

Which you should know, happens quite often in Japan when you come inside a shop in summer from the heat build-up oustide and start to freeze because you are standing under the air conditioner.

Next up is my blue bag from GU, which looks quite similar to the brown japanese school bags in my opinion, even if it’s not perfectly the same. This bag also came in other colours, choosing blue happened quite rather spontaneous than having a special reason.
Be careful in picking accessoires in bright colours, since this requires a little bit of practise combining them with your other pieces. But as always : do what you want, because it’s the only right thing you can do.
Or as Oscar Wilde said: It’s never wrong to do the right thing. (Kind of got my favorite phrase!)

Ah, and there is another thing I want to add at this point. GU is a great, big shop you should definitely enter and watch around. The prices are low and I got recommended this place by my highschool classmates in Tokyo. Compared to a european shop I would say it would resemble C&A. basically because it has simple, non extravagant and timeless items and clothes.

Let’s not forget my hair slide in style of a red ribbon. Goofy as I am, I didn’t wrote a note where I got that from, but I’ll search for the shop where I found it for sure! 😛




Describing this look by myself, it’s very cute and in a way a little childlike. Which is the base of many looks of japanese fashion.
Still I felt suprisingly confident and casual in this look.
Did you get a first impression of japanese fashion and do you already know other fashion directions from Japan?
How did you like my look? Please feel free to comment as always!


Have a good weekend!

Over and out, Sajuza


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