Food, Beauty and Meditation – About Matcha

General Info

Matcha is a finely pulverized green tea powder, used in tea ceremonies. It’s known for it’s famous green colour and has a taste of light sweetness with a little bitterness. Owning it’s very own taste, making it enjoyable with nearly any food – Matcha is adored by all kinds of people and known all arounf the world. In Japan, Matcha flavour can be found in literally anything. From cakes to chocolate to bread to salad and even noodles, you can find it all. Just try to google “Matcha flavour” and get impressed. Further: Matcha is known for it’s mood-enhancing effect and can be used as a coffee alternative. It contains amino acids, combined with caffeine. It doesn’t have the strong impact that coffee has but it doesn’t make you tired like coffee does after some time when the wanted effects fade away. Drinking a cup of matcha is the same as 10 cups of green tea in terms of nutritional value and antioxidant content. Matcha is one of the prefered components when it comes to Beauty and Health. Also it was used by Zen Buddhist monks when meditating. Lean back and read more…


1. Matcha Food + Drinks

There was a time when Matcha Frapuccino was available in Germany and it was the time you could pass me by sitting in Starbucks every week. Starbucks is kind of expensive, but to drink Matcha Frappucino I would honestly have paid whatever I had to. At least the American Starbucks still have the Matcha Flavour in their sortiment.

matcha frappucino2

Other Matcha Products:

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2. Beauty and Matcha

beauty products1a.jpg

https://www. (adapted)

When making Matcha pulver the whole tea leaf is used. Using the entire leaf matcha owns more antioxidants than the regular green tea. These antioxidants are good for sun-damaged skin and can help to fight the negative effects of UV radiation and free radicals. Of course you can shop for several beauty products that contain real Matcha pulver. But even better is making your own Matcha mask at home.  For this you only need: Matcha pulver and Coconut oil or any type of similar moisturizer.

Matcha Mask Instructions

  1. Making the mask: For every 2 units of Matcha you need to add one unit of water and one unit of moisturizer
  2. Mix this paste very well (now your mask is done)
  3. Clean your skin with your normal wash lotion/-gel/-cream and apply the paste on your clean skin.
  4. Leave it on until it has dried
  5. Rinse with water

It’s just as simple as this. And a really secret tipp for your Beauty days to try out – who know’s? Maybe it becomes a new routine you want to do.


3. Meditation

In this hectic times we put relaxing in the rear while it’s actually most important to balance our fast living. It doesn’t matter if you are into Meditation or just enjoy having a beauty day once in a while to pamper yourself a bit. It  is always nice to take a little time for yourself to sit down in your favourite chair or in your bed, watching series or listening to music while sipping a cup of hot tea. Why not consider Matcha as a beauty product that’s also useful to relax and to sooth strenous thoughts and emotions? The green pulver of Matcha was well known to Zen Buddhist monks when they tried to rise their mindfulness when meditating. This mindfulness lets you connect to your true self and strengthens your inner identity. It also allows you to concentrate better on present events and living solely in the present moment. This certain mindfulness was most valued by Zen Buddhist monks. So drinking Matcha when you have a “me day” actually lowers your stress levels while it tastes delicious! If this isn’t an incentive then I don’t really know what else is. If you want to know more about Meditation with Matcha, try to google “Tea ceremony”.

chinese tea ceremony1

https://www. (adapted)
japanese tea ceremony2 https://www.

Let me know if you ever tried drinking Matcha and how it worked for you and write a comment in the section below!

As always – stay tuned

Sajuza xoxo

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