Sightseeing in Germany: “Felsenmeer”

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I’m back to provide you with beautiful outfit posts and today it get’s a little personal, too. I had a reuinion with all the economy classes of my school. It was the last time we came together before the actual “prom night”, which I’m already really excited to go to. It’s weird to find out that your daily schedule changes after a special date. Everything I know stops with this graduation. Will I see my friends again like I used to do? Certainly not. Will I be able to keep contact to most? Unknown. I feel a little sad and nostalgic. At the reunion I had the chance to eat, drink and chat with friends. Definitely had a great time but after that it was only 11 a.m. and the day was still “young”. Schools over now ! – so what to do with my newly gained free time? We spontaneously headed to the German attraction called “Felsenmeer”. This little adventure and what I chose to wear in the morning is what you are going to see today:

IMG_4308 Final1c

IMG_4330 Final1b.jpg

Wearing a bordeaux midi-skirt bought in China from a brand called strandivarius, combined with a yellow crop top from Bershka, black booties from Graceland, a beige and black handbag from Japan and cute sunglasses from Fielmann – What do you think of my combinition of yellow and red? Didn’t think it would work out that great before I actually tried it on!
Visiting the Felsenmeer we enjoyed the nature and the good weather. It was surprisingly hot compared to the current weather but there was still a little wind blowing, so no chance to start sweating. I can finally feel the summer coming. Thank heavens! Since I’m a total sucker for summer I can’t stand winter or  autumn when it starts to get cold again. I’m basically always freezing when it’s not hot outside. And yes, I’m also that kind of girl that needs a hotttie in winter nights to stop my feet from getting frost bites. All of this changes waking up and realising that i won’t need a jacket today into the best feeling of the day. But let’s go on with the sightseeing i promised to talk about: “Felsenmeer” – that means translated into English: sea of rocks. But take a look by yourself how some places with a “Felsenmeer” look like… It’s so breathtaking what kind of sceneries evolve by nature from themselves! Nature is strong:




IMG_4269 Final2a.jpg

On this day I kept my make up natural since it was very hot. I don’t know how you think about heavy make up but in my opinion it should always be appropriate for not only the location but also the weather conditions… And since I don’t own professional make up (yet) I chose to stay more natural! I think more girls should embrace theri natural beauty a little more.

There was also a place to lay down in the grass and we had time to watch the clouds go by and dream a little on this small adventure. Finishing my school carrier is a rewarding feeling but at the same time it gives rise to new questions in my head: What will I do in the future? Both sides of feelings hit me at once: I’m excited yet I’m very scared of wasting my time with mistakes. But since I believe living is based on learning from mistakes I find that there is no wrong way for me to go. Always remember: You either win or you learn. To be honest with you I’m having hard times staying positive because insecurity is a big topic for me . Now I summon up a big amount of courage just by believing in changing my lifestyle to a more positve outlook. Please always believe in yourself. I wanna be the person I always searched in other people and couldn’t find and I feel that I slowly accept myself on a more honest level.

IMG_4578 Final2


As always,

keep it real – Sajuza




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