This is what I got for shooting with a photographer!?!

As the title already mentiones, I had a shoot with a photographer I met online and the outcome of the shooting totally shocked me! I am still speechless.
But now to explain how I got into the situation:

It all started with me signing up at a modeling site which acts as an intermediary for models and photographers. This means an agent is legitimately bypassed. Several photos are needed as well as a copy of your ID cart and some other informations mostly to make a fake check. Just as in social media platforms like Facebook or video sharing website like Youtube, fake profiles are a big deal and a big problem. To stop fake profiles from making the communication between real photographers and real models cumbersome, singing up properly requires a Fake Check. No big deal I thought – giving out my ID and other informations after I read the guidelines…

A day later the big shock happened! Logging into my email account, which I used to sign up in the already discussed model page, I was flooded and totally spammed by mails.
After I logged into the server of the model page I checked the mails and didn’t expect a thing, when I saw that every spammed mail referred to an actual mails I received in this portal!
WOW! I’ve got 20 maybe 30 or more shooting requests. I couldn’t believe it. That can’t be happening! Not even a day had passed by and I was disabused of my own self-assessment and my self-confidence got a big boost. But to come to the important point…

I always dreamt of taking beautiful pictures but since I wasn’t often referred as the standard beautiful girl in the location I live in and even received many racist comments on my way, I was so emotionally touched that all the doubts I had were actually not right! Somehow I was a little stunned, I had believed other peoples opinion that easily and let them just tell me what to do and how to feel about myself, stopped believing in what I can do. Now I got a more than just a positive feedback and want you guys to share this very pleasant and personal moment with me! Never let anybody tell you what you can’t do!

The next day I already got the chance to meet the first photographer and prove myself at a shooting. Was it successful or not? But to shortly intervene here, I have to introduce you to Tiefdunkelblau, a German who’s passion it is to do Potrait shoots and Lifestyle shoots and many more!You can find him on the link I will post here;
I have to say thank you again for the amazing photoshoot we had!

So back to the storyline. Shooting isn’t always as easy as you imagine. From the beginning I felt like I could be myself and gave my true emotions during the shoot. I tried out different poses and was assisted by the photographer. Making beautiful pictures is like a teamwork of model and photographer. Finding the perfect balance can take some time. But I had great fun since photos are one of the creative passions I’ve got! After sharing this experience with you, I want to show you 2 photos I got in advance of other photos I’ll receive later:


Did you ever want to make photo shoots? If yes, have you already done any?

I, as always, love your feedback! I hope you liked this post and my style to write openly about my feelings with you!

Stay tuned,



Featured Image:


2 thoughts on “This is what I got for shooting with a photographer!?!

  1. A very nice post on your maybe first shooting experiences. The results are just beautiful! I am also a member in this community and since I found your profile there I am now following your blog. But believe me for us photographers it is also not that easy and you are absolutely right it is always team work. If you are interested to photo shoot once more, please check out my portfolio at and ping me. One last comment – please never let and racist comment touch your self confidence. Very nice and open blog!


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