WHAT to wear at prom night!?

If you don’t have an inspiration yet – please let me be yours. I thought a long time about what to wear and have a concept going on in my mind. In the following post I will explain how I got to my dress and after that I will give you a little help to find your perfect prom dress. If you’re ready, let’s go:

First of all: Do I want a long or short dress? To be honest with you, I dreamt of a long dress in red with a nice V-neckline and a sexy thigh slit… Break. Remembering it is prom night at school that thought died very fast. Yes, a dress this sexy would have overdone it clearly. I can tell you from my own experience; feeling sexy but uncomfortable, means you’re not going to feel sexy, or comfortable either. The next argument I found against long dresses is, that in my opinon, some long dresses make you look oldfashioned really fast. I see many young girls wearing gowns that weren’t designed for young woman but mature ones instead. Looking at the whole outfit I can see no youth anymore. They simply look old. Being unexperienced wit Maxi-dresses because I don’t wear long dresses in my spare time regularly makes it hard to find a perfect dress because I don’t know what I’m searching. I don’t want to end looking the same old-fashioned so I chose to not change my style. Sure, I want to impress people on this very special evening, but I just can’t be myrself when I change my whole style for one evening. So I showed them that I can rock this evening in my style! Adding all the arguments together, plus that I am owning a very petite frame, I decided to go for a classly midi-dress where I can show of my legs that I like a lot!
The Colour. Since my favourite colour is red I thought choosing the colour is easy… but did you ever watch class photos taken from prom night? In literally every photo are mostly about 5 girls dressed in red. Theoretical this is no problem but I came to realize that I didn’t like that fact. Why? I wanted to be seen at this very “last day of school”. I wanted to show all the people who disliked me all along that I can shine besides them and I secretely I wanted to steal the show, yes. So I tried to think of a trick that could work unnoticable but sill makes me shine. Right, A COLOUR! A colour that makes me stand out without me doing much. And thinking of one was really easy. It’s white. Think of a wedding! The white dress of the bride is the brightest and most beautiful. It’s forbidden to steal the brides show with wearing a white dress, too! Looking at more prom pictures from other schools I saw that there were not many girls who wore a white midi dress. Perfect.
Since my plan of the red long dress vanished more and more I found that this concept I was building is a little bit too boring in contrast to my first plan. What could make the eyecatcher in my outfit? Shoes! ZING. I got it. Red high heels. That is a perfect contrast to the white classy and cute dress that I aim for! The red heels are visible from afar and give that slight and subtil sex-appeal that I aim for. Now it seems complete! A perfect concept for searching my prom outfit. But, wait, stop! I forgot the Hair: there are many beautiful hairdos you can find online. I think I don’t even need to mention tags to search for. There are just so many! My thick, open hair is my signature feature so I can’t think of doing it all up. Planning to go to the hairdresser I will tell them that I want curly open hair with some parts of my hair backcombed and done up.




Now to the things that YOU can consider when you think of your perfect prom dress:

  • Body figures
  • Colours
  • Shoes


Body Figure

Apple Pear Hourglass Body Shapes.PNG

I added this little picture to show you what the Body shapes APPLE, PEAR and HOURGLASS look like. Pear and Hourglass are kind of self-explaining, while Apple still gets me confused to this very day.

Well, now that we are all informed about these 3 body shapes, let’s continue with dresses that fit or don’t fit well with several different body shapes. Of course these are just tips. If you found a prom dress in which you feel good and comfortable, stick with it either than changing it for something else!


Short / Petite

If you are one of the lucky ones that own a cute petite frame you can opt for short dress which won’t shroud or disguise your figure like some maxi dresses can do. A short dress allows you to show your legs which makes you look taller and combined with a higher set waist it makes your legs look endlessly long! Show what you like about your body and keep it classy. 😉 Some inspiration for short dresses here:



If you have a beautiful boyish frame you can try out colour blocking to archieve the illusion of more curves in your figure. Light colours make features stand out, while darker ones let features take a backseat. Another option is a dropped waist (pictures will appear soon) Watch some outfits with light and dark clours/shades here:


A very female frame. If you want to hide your bottom part of your body you can go with corsets and fitted tops on the upper part of your dress while the bottom part is cut in an A-line or is very fluffly:


Apple / short legs – The allrounder atprom dresses is the empire waist! It’s a good option if you are very heavy at your bust and want to gain a little volume at your bottom part but also if you want to elongate your legs. 2 of the dresses below also show of your legs if you like:


Plus size – Lucky! You can go for so many nice dresses. You didn’t expect this answer? But it’s true – most of the dresses fit your figure well, take a look at some of these examples:


Small chest – Great for high necked shirt, going braless and other things but when it comes to dresses your bust looks a little empty and you don’t like it? Try searching for embordery, beads, ruffles, just anything that adds volume to your bust on the upper part of your dress. This doesn’t only apply to your bust but to anything else, too. Here you can take a look for dresses that add volume to your bust:


Large chest – Many girls are jealous of you beautiful cleavage. Take a chance and show it of with an A-line dress or a beautiful corset If you need extra support, don’t hesitate and choose a fitting neckline (Appears soon):


Hourglass – You have a figure that takes everybodys breath away? Why not emphasize it with a trending dress: the mermaid dress ! The signature feature of the mermaid dress is that it is very tight at from your bust till your knees, then it gains a lot of volume. Just like a mermaids fish tail. Look here:





Last QQ (Quick Question) for you: High Heel or more comfortable shoes?

Take the shoes you feel self-confident in + the ones you are able to walk in. Let your gut feelings decide this question. Don’t try to change yourself for prom night. It is also YOUR night. Don’t forget!


– if you still have questions left please ask them at the bottom of this post in the comment sector.



the inspiring idea I got at the tailors : https://sajuza.wordpress.com/2016/06/29/a-visit-by-the-tailors-got-me-thinking-of-starting-what/

See the dress I wore at my prom night: https://sajuza.wordpress.com/2016/06/29/my-prom-night/


As always,





long purple dress: www. flickr.com/photos/98794605@N03/9342050292/
long purple dress (short at front):https://www. flickr.com/photos/98794605@N03/9339383227/
dark pink dress (short at front):https://www. flickr.com/photos/98794605@N03/9339380573/
blue dress (short at front):https://www. flickr.com/photos/98794605@N03/9339317485/
red dress (short at front) :https://www. flickr.com/photos/98794605@N03/9339365495/
purple dress with light upper part: https://www. flickr.com/photos/127203613@N06/17128085161/
red dress with heart neckline: https://www. flickr.com/photos/127203613@N06/16921324357/in/photostream/
mermaid dress in light purple: https://www. flickr.com/photos/127203613@N06/16508560403/in/photostream/
short pink dress with less cleavage :https://www. flickr.com/photos/127203613@N06/16941180130/in/photostream/
long light pink dress: https://www. flickr.com/photos/127203613@N06/16797338712/in/photostream/
short pink dress with heart-neckline: https://www. flickr.com/photos/127203613@N06/15140134360/in/photostream/
long red dress with heart-neckline: https://www. flickr.com/photos/127203613@N06/15318699122/in/photostream/
short black dress with white flowers: https://www. flickr.com/photos/127203613@N06/15089682357/in/photostream/
white dress with silver at upper top: https://www. flickr.com/photos/127203613@N06/15265046082/in/photostream/
black dress with heart-neckline: https://www. flickr.com/photos/127203613@N06/15221103252/in/photostream/
black dress with less cleavage: https://www. flickr.com/photos/127203613@N06/15025125611/in/photostream/



One thought on “WHAT to wear at prom night!?

  1. i love this! i totally agree with you on the whole maxi dress thing – if i wear something too revealing, it wont make me feel sexy it will make me feel uncomfortable and then i’ll just look awkward the whole night … great post x


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