A visit at the tailor’s got me thinking of starting WHAT!?

Hi and hello fellas, it’s me again. A lot of posting lately. I know, but isn’t it great?

Today I want to show you how my trip to the local tailors was. I bought my prom dress online and when it came to my house I was totally excited. After a minute the big disappointment happened. It was way too big! No problem, I thought, let’s search for a tailor online. Said and done I got to a shop the same afternoon which looked like this:

IMG_4960 3.jpg

At the tailors there were a lot of different clothes.
Different by colour, size, material, style… I got inspirated by them and held back my urge to look at all these different pieces more closely and tried to concentrate on the reason I came for: my dress. First I told the tailor what I wanted to get altered on my dress and then he pinned one side and then the other one of my dress in order to sew it more tightly later. I was able to look at the final pinned dress for a while and decided if I wanted to have anything else changed. The tailor was really friendly and I even got to drink an espresso with him in the shop. That’s what I call service!

Again, thinking of these interesting pieces, I got inspirated to start sewing myself! I really love fashion and sewing could open new doors for fashion ideas. I even got an idea where I can start learning to sew…

IMG_4970 5

IMG_4980 3


So far so good – see you,

Sajuza :*





featured image: https://www.flickr.com/photos/frame45/5671228117/in/photolist-9DcrCJ-dQqE1S-9A8VCx-9D9wx8-9Dcs1G-9Dcsdo-9n3wnz-9DcsKm-9Dct7o-9D9yfk-9D9xcc-4nVCcy-4bVtG2-bzJukM-4ptxJA-4bVtEk-fjcm5u-4Z1yku-nAmiyV-6eaY29-JMjo5-4ptxrL-4ptxxf-fjcjpq-4ppvda-4ptxyQ-4ppvkc-bPS42t-4bZsZE-4ppvog-baqA6n-76TUc9-4ptxqb-4ptxtq-4ppvtT-76PYJ6-76TTyQ-4bVtBM-4Z1A5U-7ivofr-772Agg-4ptxoy-N4pBC-76Q7r2-5VnvyX-5Vnvqe-4MiM6z-76Q7FK-5VnvHn-7GzK7E


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