Relaxing vacation in Japan, Okinawa

Hi and hello followers and friends! A happy and graduated Sajuza is back. I finished my A-levels and feel like I’m reborn! With this graduation a new phase of my life has started and while I’m taking a break from everything that had stressed me in a while I wanna post something relaxing for you. What could be better than showing you the paradisic isles of Okinawa that I already visited?

Short Info: Okinawa, located in Japan’s south, is the only prefecture that has a subtropical climate. The average temperature is about 22 degree. Okinawa consists of 159 isles of which 110 are uninhabited! It is known for overseas trade with China and Southeast Asian countries  during the fourteenth and sixteenth century because of it’s geographical convienient place. Especially textiles and potteries, but also performing arts and customs were one of it’s culturistic characteristics.Also remarkable are the green seas and the various wildlife this island got. Tourist are mostly from Asia themselves, like Japan, Taiwan and Korea, who come to see the beautiful nature and to experience the unique cultur of Okinawa.


To come to my vacation trip to Okinawa I have to start with it’s beautiful isles. I took a plane from Kyoto to Okinawa and from above I could already see a really beautiful picture of a big island surrounded by small isles. Landed in Okinawa’s capital Naha, we made a roadtrip. I have to say that driving the roads of Okinawa solely was pretty boring because there was mostly nothing worthable to see next to it. Only green trees or normal urban environment. But this doing this roadtrip had it’s advantages! I was able to stop wherever I wanted to and that meant; if I saw a beautiful beach I could stop there and lay down in the sun or start swimming in the sea. The beach were I stopped was facing really small, cute isles which I was capable of swimming to … swimming from every small isles to the next one I felt I was in heaven, but look for yourself:








After a day of swimming and searching for interesting shells I saw something very unusual that I don’t want to withheld… I saw a Okinawan man washing a COW at the sea. I know, maybe not that mysterious but I thought it was kind of funny and odd to watch it while I waslaying on the beach so I also took a picture of it for you. Even better than seeing cow taking a bath I saw plants and animals that I never saw before. Sure, Okinawa got a different Flora and Fauna than Germany. See for yourself:



bbb 1 IMG_1361




ccc 1 IMG_1411 - Kopie






A beautiful day came to an end. Bathing in the sea while sunset is one of the most beautiful things to do in a vacation. The water was still warm an hour after sunset! On the next day we headed to one of Okinawas stalactite caves. The entry was cheap and it was a different way to spend your free time which I enjoyed. The stalactites were huge and the atmosphere inside the cave was great. Taking pictures was a bit tricky because of the low light but I tried it anyway. I’m not sure to this very day if taking pictures was permitted but I guess it was, so please enjoy the photos! Next up to that was a day at sealife, the Okinawan CHURAUMI! There we saw interesting fish, sharks, dolphin … aso.









Video by Amazing4KJapan

Last but not least: the food. Well, i need to be honest – we tried out Okinawan Ramen, which wasn’t just as perfect as Kyoto’s ramen but still enjoyable. Okinawan food mostly consisted of seafood. I actually love seafood but the food was just on an average scale which I wasn’t used to while I was at Japan. But coming to the positive parts: We also had Dumplings which I enjoyed alot eating. They were just perfect. Also we found a restaurant were we could eat steak which was also really delicious. Hope you enjoyed this article so far. I’m planning to let many similar ones follow this one!






  • Were was your last vacation trip to?  

  • Have you ever been to Japan?  

  • Or planning so?


Stay awesome,

Sajuza xo



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