Matcha Latte – the latest instagram trend

Are you addicted to your daily coffee but wanna live more healthy? Does that make a problem for you? Not anymore. With me, you’ve got the latest news that will change your daily routines for good.

Instead of your caffeine-containing drinks you can now drink a Matcha Latte! What’s that? It’s the latest trend in Instagram, keeps you awake over the day and is also super healthy for your body. Matcha pulver is rich of a healthy caffeine that shouldn’t be mistaken with the one in regular coffee. This very special form of caffeine has the name theophylline. It preserves your energy levels without making you tired after a while and experiencing the “energy passé” over the day. Doesn’t that sound great? Now let’s come to the easy receipt for a Matcha Latte and get yourself:

  1. Something to stirr your milk
  2. Matcha green pulver (~10mg for a Matcha Latte)
  3. Glass
  4. Milk



Now all you need to do is put milk in your glass, pour in 10mg Matcha pulver and stirr it until your Matcha Latte has a light green colour!

Matcha Latte done
And there we go – An instagram ready Matcha Latte

Hope you have fun with trying an alternative to your daily coffee and find Matcha Latte as delicious as I do. You wanna know more about Matcha?



Sajuza xox

@titelpic from kristin sloan


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