5 Questions to ask yourself before buying

We all know that situation: You’re hungry and your eyes are bigger than your belly, so you put a huge amount of food on plate. At the end you have a guitly feeling because you know that the food you’re throwing away was worth more and could’ve fed somebody who’s hungry in this world. Thinking of this problem our behaviour is pretty similar when we go shopping. Foregone “hungry shopping attacks” are the evidence. We all have a section in our closet that could be described as a clothing dumpsite for the corpses of clothing that we’ve never worn. To stop wasteful shopping from happening I created a little guide for myself and it consist of 5 golden rules, well more 5 questions to ask yourself before buying clothing… or shoes… or cute jewelry or anything wearable else you feel you need at the very moment.

1.) Is it easy combinable?

This is one of the most important questions, because if you make the mistake to buy something you can’t combine with your closet basics you need to go shopping again to at least create 1 wearable outfit with the item of your interest. You don’t need more clothes that are absolutely difficult to combine. Most of us already have enough of this type of clothing. A good wardrobe consitst of many basics and only a few fancy items. With this distribution the most combinations are possible. Better search for something easy combinable and I promise you will have great fun with it!

2.) Did you like it from the beginning?

This question isn’t easy to answer but precious to know! Next time you shop, you should try to feel your emotions and stop using your head. Did you feel good exactly in the moment you tried it on or do you try to sell that clothing to yourself just to be happy to have bought something? Don’t be irritated, this happens more often than you think it does. Be honest to yourself when trying it on: Are you kind of happy or are you jubilant? Is this piece somehow pretty or is it exquisite? Valuable or Precious? Let your belly decide this one. Soon you will feel it in your bones!

3.) Is it you?

This one is also a little tricky since you should also stick to your gut feeling. Do you feel yourself and express yourself when wearing it or does this piece of clothing change the first impression of you into something you don’t like? Don’t wear clothes to impress people who wouldn’t like your person without a expensive wardrobe. Don’t feel pressured by trends and others, just be the person you are and have fun with fashion. Trust me, this will not be easy, but if you manage to do “you”, you will become incredible happy and self-accepting. Always remember: Being you, you’re original, everybody else already exists.

4.) Is it a trend or something that might stay?

If your item is a trend it might become a fashion that will be trendy again and again. You can keep it in your closet and it will fit for certain occasions… well, IF it becomes a fashion. But it might as well just stay a short trend you end up throwing away or hiding in your closet. Trends come quick and fade away even quicker! Nobody wants to wear trends from 2 years ago that might even make them look silly. When buying consider that this piece of clothing you’re buying might not be trendy forever. You should accept it when the time of your item is over. Maybe this will influence your decision of buying.

little disclaimer: This is a “guide” you can follow if you like. If you are brave and like to play with different styles and mix things up really crazy then you surely aren’t afraid of using old trends. Go ahead then!

5.) Can you leave it and come back to buy it later?

or are you scared of it being bought? Time can change anything. Our feelings and our desire. Sometimes when you leave something back in the store you won’t even remember it. If you remember it later on and still want to buy it then you can just come back and your piece of clothing will hopefully still be there. From experience I can say: most of the time it is. If you’re scared then just ask for a reservation and the cashier will usually put your item aside. If you really like it and can’t leave it alone for a minute, the answer is easy: buy it!


closet line - bearbeitet



I hope it will help you just as much as it helps me. So remember these 5 point:

  1. Combinability
  2. Your Feelings
  3. Is it you
  4. Trend or Fashion
  5. Leave it behind


If you liked this article share it with your friends, hope you have a great start into the week tomorrow!

Sajuza :*




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